Palazzo Alliata

Il Palazzo Alliata (Town Hall)
San Vincenzo became an autonomous municipality in 1949, following its split from the municipality of Campiglia Marittima. In the early years, municipal activities were carried out in three rooms of a civil dwelling in the centre, but in 1951, the Counts Della Gherardesca purchased Palazzo Alliata, which was then used as the municipal building.
The architecturally impressive palace towers over the marina, to which it turns its back, while its entrances give onto Via Alliata and, opposite, onto Piazza Osvaldo Mischi, named after the town's first mayor.
Inside the palace are the panels of the project Agorà Picta - Portraits of the End of the Millennium by San Vincenzo painter Daniele Govi (Piombino, 1960): a series of works celebrating the end of the old millennium and the beginning of the new, dedicated to the people of San Vincenzo and depicting many of the personalities who made history in the 20th century: Charlie Chaplin, Pope John Paul II, Federico Fellini, Gandhi, Pavarotti, Pelé, Roberto Benigni, Gina Lollobrigida, Maria Callas, Totò, the Beatles, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Picasso, the Dalai Lama and many others.
The panels were originally placed in the window openings of the historical buildings in the centre of San Vincenzo and only later were they placed in the main corridor of the civic building.
In addition to the beautiful works by Maestro Govi, the Town Hall also houses the large canvases painted by Giampaolo Talani, commissioned by Mayor Carlo Alberto Roventini in 1999 to celebrate the municipality's first fifty years: six large panels that stand on the walls of the central staircase and tell the story of the people of San Vincenzo and the town's marine vocation through the painter's poetics. Talani's work was inaugurated in 2002 by the well-known art critic Vittorio Sgarbi during a grand ceremony held in Piazza Mischi, in the presence of over three thousand onlookers.