A coastline to discover

There is a place in Tuscany made of sea sand and hill rock. It is a place that smells of salty sea air and pine twigs, of must and pressed oil, resplendent with rows of lofty vines and silvery olive leaves. The sea baptizes it with the foam of the cavalloni, the hill encircles it with its tender embrace, the sun dyes it yellow, the wind gives it the breath of the Mistral. Sweet, fresh, powerful breath.
Amongst the woods, one discovers ancient villages of small stone houses and red tile roofs; to the west, on the other hand, the saltiness kisses the villas lying on the shoreline or among the rocks, languid and decadent like noble ladies. There is beauty in every corner, on the soil of this land that runs from Livorno down to Piombino, and a sacred grace to be preserved. A wealth that the Etruscans already discovered and that their descendants, today, preserve and protect. Yes, because this place is inhabited by a special people. People of the sea and the bush, fishermen, farmers and hunters, great cooks, vine-dressers, counts, marquises and princes. Artists, above all. People without a watch who would not live anywhere else, because elsewhere they are not here.
And if they do, they pine for nostalgia.... welcome to the Etruscan Coast. The Video